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Kopavogur Puffins Cricket Club 2022 Squad

The squad

Abhishek Chauhan

A true all-rounder who forms the beating heart of the Puffins’ operation. The club owner of the club and its vice-captain on the field, Chauhan was captain of the team during its unprecedented treble-winning exploits of 2020. He bats in the lower-middle order and likes to thrash and bash runs, adjusting his position on the crease and often having little regard for rudimentary technique, with a relish for tennis shots.  Formerly a bowler of repute, he is an all-action fielder and played a stunning role as keeper in the team’s Volcanic Ashes victory in 2022.

David Cook

One of only two players in the history of Icelandic cricket to have scored a century and average less than 20 with the ball, Cook is the captain of the Puffins during the 2022 season. Essentially a bowler who can bat a bit, he is known for his sharp strategic mind and surprisingly successful slow left-arm spin, which he flights considerably. As a batsman, he relies more on technique, patience and accumulation than explosion, so either tends to bat at the very top or bottom of the order. Fields close to the bat and has one of the weakest throwing arms in the Icelandic game.

Bala Kamallakharan

There is method, planning and strategy to everything this man does. From the way in which he dissects bowlers to his acute sense of cricketing strategy, nothing is left to chance. After a long sabbatical away from cricket, Kamallakharan returned to play during the 2020 season. He proved that his batting skills remain strong, notably in a knock of 57 off 31 balls in the Icelandic Premier League. Blessed with powerful shots and a love of the cut and drive, he will almost certainly open the Puffins’ batting line-up in 2022, just as he did for most of 2021. Kamallakharan is also the current Chairman of the Icelandic Cricket Association.

Nolan Williams

Head coach of the Puffins, Williams remains a formidable presence on the field when he is fit to play. Now more fast-medium than fast, he nevertheless has the capacity to bowl a rapid ball that can surprise the batsman, often with bounce and late movement too. In his heyday, he was a leading bowler on the Essex club circuit, to the extent that he played several matches for the county second XI in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Nobody would dispute the fact that Williams still has the finest, most well-grooved bowling action in Iceland. As a batsman, he has solid technique and some pleasing drives.

 Jegadeesh Subramaniyam

Poached from the under noses of Vesturbær Volcano in the 2021 player auction, Subramaniyam is an exciting talent who prospered well last season. As a bowling all-rounder, he provides reliable medium pace that consistently hits the right length, making him very hard to score off. He has also shown potential with the bat as a hard-hitting slogger, meaning he may feature quite highly in the batting order in T10 cricket in 2022. One of the few players in the team who can be relied upon to catch, even in the icy-cold Icelandic wind.

Abdur Rehman

The Puffins were delighted to secure Rehman’s services for 2021 after he excelled for Hafnarfjörður Hammers in 2020. The fastest bowler in the club and arguably the quickest through the air in the whole of Iceland, Rehman is a pure strike bowler. When on song, batsmen can truly expect the worst. A flurry of arms and legs approach the crease at rapid pace before he unleashes a delivery that could go anywhere. If the bowler has little clue as to the direction of the ball, what hope does the batsman have? Rehman also has a well-disguised slower ball, which he uses strategically to befuddle even the best opponents. A lower order batsman with big hitting ability.

Riaan Dreyer

A wise, softly spoken South African who became a regular player for the Puffins in the 2020 season. No cricketer plays within his limitations better than Dreyer. He is a nudger and nurdler when batting but can solidly support more attacking batsman. He also contributes reliable right-arm off-spin when required and is a diligent fielder in the deep. Due to a severe back injury, he is unlikely to feature in 2022.

David Abew-Baidoo

Abew-Baidoo was recently bought by the Puffins in the player auction, having plied his trade with Hafnarfjörður Hammers in the 2020 season. The only authentic wicket-keeper in the squad, he is also an exciting talent with the bat. When available, expect the Ghanaian to feature quite regularly for the Puffins in 2022 due to his explosive, no-fear approach, which sees every ball as an opportunity to hit a boundary.

Jakob Robertson

One of the legends of the Icelandic game, Robertson was national captain during the 2015 and 2016 season, the period when cricket started to buzz in Iceland. Disenfranchised at Hafnarfjörður Hammers in 2020, the Puffins have been happy to provide him with a nest to roost in thereafter. He is a utility cricketer, capable of turning his hand to any role the club requires. Fast-medium left-arm pace, slow left-arm, opening batsman, middle order contributor, you name it, he will try his best to pull it off. Robertson is one of the best fielders in the club, covering acres of grassland in the deep or pulling off reaction catches in the covers.

Sathiya Rupan

A new addition to the Puffins’ squad in 2022, he has all the makings of a top draw batsman and is likely to slot in at no. 4 when he is available. Stylish drives and late cuts are his specialities.  He also has capacity as a leg-spinner with the ability to turn the ball a long way.

Vikram Kadam

Another recruit for the 2021 season, Kadam is a medium pace swing bowler who can add an extra dimension to the Puffins’ attack. Little remains known about his batting, but he will not be short of opportunities to demonstrate his prowess in 2022.

Keenan Botha

A major recruit for the 2022 season. Out of action during 2021 due to a severe back injury, the Puffins did everything possible to persuade him to return to play for them in 2022. Not only the coach of the national squad, he is one of the nation’s finest players. His solid technique and powerful hitting make him a natural upper order batsman, whilst his left-arm spin is deadly accurate. As well as being a secure fielder in any position, he can also offer back-up wicket-keeping skills.

Azhagesan Dhanapalan

Recruited to the Puffins in 2021, Dhanapalan is a fast-medium bowler who gives absolutely nothing away. He has deceptive pace from a relatively short runup and hits the bat hard. Lower order batsman.

Elliði Vatnsfjörð Jónsson

A new, Icelandic-born talent who is learning the game with the Puffins in 2022. He is already a fearless fielder, no doubt due to his experience playing the sport of rugby. As the season progresses, it is expected that his batting and bowling will develop. He has already bowled the Kópavogur captain out in practice.

Hari Prakash Singh

A new signing in 2022. Singh is an exciting middle order batsman who has terrific power in his shots. He likes nothing more than to give himself some room to play expansive off-side strokes.

Mohammed Navas Khan

Recruited midway through the 2021 season, Khan unfortunately had little chance to show his full array of talents due to an unfortunate finger injury. However, in his few matches, he demonstrated abundant class, with his driving skills unmatched in Icelandic cricket. No other player in the domestic game has ever hit a lofted six over cover. Expect him to bat at no. 3 for the Puffins in T20 cricket in 2022. In addition, he is an exciting and attacking leg-spinner, with a quicker ball that is hard to pick.

Iftejar Miah Viki

Joined the Puffins at the end of the 2021 season, Viki is a wicket-keeper batsman who is best suited to the middle or lower-middle order. He had little chance to demonstrate his prowess in 2021, but will no doubt be keen to make a name for himself in 2022.

Jagadeesh Babu Pothula

Recruited just before we start the 2022 season, Pothula is a military medium pace bowler and is playing again after a long break, ostensibly for fun.

Paresh Mandloi
A middle order accumulator who has an attractive cut shot and is good at rotating the strike. Also serves as one of three members on the Puffins’ Board.

Roshan Mehta

Another middle order batsman who has a good array of off-side shots but has had few chances to date to stake a claim for a spot in the best XI. In practice, he can occasionally bowl back of the hand leg-spin, and this skill might develop further in the future.

Sai Krishna Padamata

A fast and skiddy bowler, unlike any other in the Puffins’ squad. He might not have the greatest control of direction, but he is likely to be difficult to play on the low-bouncing pitch at Víðistaðatún. A lower order batsman who has some hitting potential. As a new recruit in 2022, he has yet to play a match, but can be expected to make his debut very soon.

Sankalp Shrivastava

New to hard ball cricket, having grown up as a street cricketer, Shrivastava has potential as a medium pace bowler, and may develop into an effective lower order batsman in time. A passionate lover of the game of cricket.

Sivakrishna Madduri

Another new member for 2022, Madduri has already shown promise in the nets with a broad of shots, both off and leg-side. He is likely to slot in somewhere in the middle order in T20 cricket. A solid fielder who does not drop much.

Ben Rayner

Ben joined the Puffins just before the famous Volcanic Ashes triumph in April 2022, in which he played a crucial role. His lively medium pace keeps the batsmen on the back foot. In addition, he is a solid fielder with a powerful arm, and a competent lower-order left-handed batsman. 



Author: (Kopavogur Writing Team)
Date: April 06, 2022