How to buy a cricket bat?

How to buy a cricket bat?

Cricket is the second most popular sport globally and easily the most complicated with a lot of technical details and rules. Cricket bats are the most expensive item of equipment in this game and it can be a difficult task to choose a purchase. Here we provide you with our tips regarding the purchase of an excellent cricket bat. Please note before reading the article that we are assuming that you are playing cricket with a leather ball and have little knowledge of cricket terminology. JOURNEY TO BUY THE PERFECT BAT:

* Budget 

A cricket bat can range from $100 to $1,000. A bat of $1000 can be useless if you are an amateur cricketer.  Always remember an expensive bat doesn't guarantee success. 

* Brand 

Don't go for the brand name blindly, especially if your favourite player plays with it. It creates influence but doesn't guarantee that it will be useful as well. It's just the name of the brand which cost money.  Most of the bats are manufactured in the same place, and a sticker is glued on them.

Most of the bat brands in the world don't even have a production house.

*Length size

Don't select the bat randomly. You should feel comfortable according to your height. Try to swing and get the feel of it or use the universal bat length chart. 

*Weight size

The weight size factor is mainly for my Asian friends.  I have been one of them. Don't try to buy a heavy bat right now and use it in the future for the kids. The wrong weight can have an adverse effect on the kid’s game.


Hold the cricket bat in your non-dominating hand. This means that if you are right-handed, hold it in your left hand and lift it for thirty seconds to see if you feel pain during this drill. If you do, then go for a bat with a lower weight and keep on doing this exercise until you feel comfortable.

Light Bat: More bat speed as it's light and maybe your timing will be a little bit better.

Heavy Bat: Don't need to swing hard, more meat but less bat speed.

*Willow type

English willow bats are of the best quality and give you the perfect result. English willow have the best grain quality and structure. The age of the willow is represented by the lines on the willow. But they need a lot of maintenance.

Kashmir willow bats are more substantial because of the raw material. They are suitable for beginners or to play with tennis balls. They require less maintenance but last longer than English willow bats.

As a buyer, the visible difference by which you can easily differentiate English willow and Kashmir willow bats is their colour. English willows are whiter in colour, whereas the Kashmir willows are brownish in colour.

Our advice: Beginner: Kashmir Willow and Experienced: English Willow Bats.


The lines on the bat faces that we see are known as "GRAINS". Our advice would be to go for a minimum of a six-grain bat. Please remember that you can find good bats with low grain as well. The higher you go for grains, it will require more knocking to reach its optimal level.

G1+: Test match standard G1: Professional standard G2: Top club standard G3: Lower-league standard G4: Beginner standard

Edge Profile:

A big edge makes a bigger sweet spot and provides excellent balance.

ICC new rules state that'' A bat must have edges no thicker than 40 millimetres while the depth of the bat measured from the highest part of the spine should be no more than 67mm''.

*Handle and grips:

No two hands are the same, so a batsman's hands affect the design of the bat handle. A batsman with smaller hands should go for a thinner handle. The grips help you to get the actual width and feel of the bat handle you want. Most players prefer two grips on their bats. An extra grip provides lighter pickup and improves bat speed, but it will add some excess weight to the bat. You should always carry two bats extra while playing.

Secret Tips:

# Make sure the bat is without a scuff sheet. It's better to see the grains before buying it.

# Curved toe

It ensures that the damage caused to the toe due to repeated tapping at the time of taking guard is minimised.

# Bat spine

Look for the higher spine as it gives more willow mass behind the sweet spot. The sweet spot is deeper and exhibits better-rebounding qualities. A deeper sweet spot helps to give the cricket bat a large sweet spot.

#Short VS Long handle

Players who are taller than 6': Long handle

Players who are shorter than 6': Short handle

# Scuff sheet

An anti scuffing sheet is good to have as it protects the bat from moisture and prevents it from developing cracks. As a result, it will help in the longer run.

We guarantee that we can help you to get the best bat at an affordable price. If you have any questions with regards to this or anything else related to cricket bats, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time on the details below:

Author: (Author: Abhi Chauhan and Editor: David Cook)
Date: May 29, 2021