How can I play for Iceland Cricket Club : Kopavogur Puffins ?

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How can I play for Iceland Cricket Club : Kopavogur Puffins ?

Cricket in Iceland is a growing sport. There are currently four clubs affiliated to the Icelandic Cricket Association (ICA), who play in several tournaments each year: Kópavogur Puffins, Reykjavík Vikings, Hafnarfjörður Hammers and Vesturbær Volcano. If you perform well for the club team, then national squad selection is possible.

What do I need to do to play for the Kópavogur Puffins?

In order to be eligible to play for the Kópavogur Puffins, you must be a legally resident in Iceland. This means you either have a work permit / VISA, a passport from a European Union or European Economic Area nation, or are an officially listed refugee in Iceland. If you tick one of those boxes, then you can attend one of our training sessions and consider becoming a member of the Icelandic Cricket Association. Once you have done that, you are eligible to play for the Kópavogur Puffins in the ICA's competitions and can compete for national team squad selection based on your performances.

Membership Fees

For the 2022 calendar year, membership fees are 25.000 ISK and paid to the Icelandic Cricket Association. A partial or full refund is available from your union after the submission of a receipt.
Good Conduct
At Kópavogur Puffins we always behave well and in accordance with the ‘spirit of cricket’. In 2021 we won the ICA’s annual fair play trophy award. We follow the ICA’s Code of Conduct and believe that whilst we play hard to win, we do it in a friendly fashion with full respect for our opponents.

Kópavogur Puffins’ Vision
We want to develop competitive cricketers, whether they are novices or experienced stars who are close to national team selection. In particular, we want to contribute to the expansion of the game among native Icelanders, and will always make extra efforts to teach locals. At the same time as playing the game with a smile on our faces, we do so to win trophies and aim to become a better team each year than the last. Over the next two years, we hope to grow our squad sufficiently to have an A and a B team. In addition, we will go on our first club tour to England in September 2022. 

Warning: Remember that if anyone asks you to transfer money claiming that it will lead to you getting the chance to play for the Icelandic cricket team, this is a fraudulent message and should be reported to the ICA by email:

Author: (Abhi Chauhan and David Cook.)
Date: February 28, 2022